Welcome to my book “Pillars of Man”.  I started writing it in 2007 at the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I have actually written through the 10th Chapter but there are many holes in the writing so I will publish them in their entirety as I get them completed.

Until then, the unfinished chapters will be password protected.  Please try to read with an open heart and not a judgmental or critical eye.   The purpose of the book is to cause you to prayerfully look inside and examine your own heart and actions and not intended to cause you to look at others in the church who may be operating in wrong spirits.  Those who are stuck in the mire of an old religious system in the church need your prayers, not your judgment.  Leave that to God.  Just purpose in your own heart to get free and then pray for those yet to be freed.

God bless you on your journey!

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